WordPress.com by the Numbers: the November Hot List

is my birthday again in november collecting amazing people post .

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Now that November’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is a fond memory and your blogging habit is firmly entrenched, it’s time to take a peek back at November by the numbers on WordPress.com.

Posts that grabbed your attention

In November, you wrote nearly 36 million posts and over 245 million words. Think about that: 245 million words. That’s about 4,000 250-page books. Your muses were on fire on November 21st, the most prolific day of the month, where together you wrote nearly 1.5 million posts.

Seth Adam Smith and Kim, his wife, on their wedding day. Seth Adam Smith and Kim, his wife, on their wedding day.

One of those posts, Seth Adam Smith‘s Marriage Isn’t For You went viral, and has had over 26 million views to date.

The post has been widely publicized and featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Mail Online, Cosmopolitan, The Matt Walsh Blog, and Today.com, just to name…

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Going Viral on WordPress.com: 26 Million Views and Counting — Seth’s Story

how blog goes viral ?

The WordPress.com Blog

On November 2, 2013, Seth Smith hit publish on an article entitled Marriage Isn’t For You. Within a few hours, his self-hosted WordPress site couldn’t handle the tens of thousands of visitors reading the post. He moved his article and then his entire site over to WordPress.com, where the WordPress.com team did some additional tweaks to keep his site up and ready for the ten million visitors who would end up visiting his site in a single day. The article has since received 26 million total views. We talked to Seth about going viral on WordPress.com.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.56.26 PMQ: Did you anticipate that your post would get that many readers?

A: Not at all! In my wildest dreams I thought that maybe, just maybe, that post would have received 3,000 to 5,000 views. To me, that would have been wonderful. So the fact that it’s had over 26 million views has been quite the shock!

Q: How did…

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Editors’ Picks of the Year: The Best of WordPress.com in 2013

where can i find post like this for 2017?

The WordPress.com Blog

This week, our editors dove into the archives to find and rediscover notable posts published this year on WordPress.com, from nonfiction to poetry, and photography to illustration. These posts have been especially resonant to us and the community, and represent the diversity of voices of our users all over the world.

An Open Letter to the Girl I Pretended to Have a Crush On in Eighth Grade at Rottin’ in Denmark

You were the first girl I pretended to have a crush on so no one would know I was gay. I didn’t intend for it to happen, for it to be you, for it to be so easy. But it did, and it was.

From the opening lines of his epic open letter to Tracy Dolan, Michael Hobbes atRottin’ in Denmark mesmerizes readers with his sharp and thoughtful storytelling, describinghis strategy for surviving adolescence as a gay teenager…

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New Themes: Photolia, Flounder, Vision, Bexley, and Bromley

not to me Bromely looking cute .

The WordPress.com Blog

This week we have a roundup of no less than five new themes now available on WordPress.com. Happy holidays!


Photolia by UpThemesPhotolia by UpThemes is a responsive, single-column theme perfect for organizing photos, galleries, videos, and much more. The header area supports a widescreen custom header image and offers three default images, set to display randomly as visitors peruse your website. Use your own custom background image to really make Photolia fit your style.


FlounderDesigned by Mel Choyce and Kelly Dwan, Flounder is a flat-design, minimally styled theme for bloggers which features colorful support for post formats and a clean, responsive layout. Flounder is also is designed to work seamlessly with many popular WordPress.com features such as Infinite Scroll and enhanced gallery support.


Vision by Pro Theme DesignVision, the newest by Pro Theme Design, is a theme designed for artists, photographers and other people with a love of strong visuals…

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New Themes: Opti and Hatch

my future theme really how many i need to get start and run my w.s ?

The WordPress.com Blog

You’ve been asking for more magazine-inspired themes, and we’ve been listening – today we have two new themes to add to the ever-growing WordPress.com collection!

Our first theme today, Opti, is a premium magazine-style theme from Pro Theme Design. Clean and structured, this theme aims to cover the area between magazine and blog – giving you the opti-mal tools to feature the content you want your users to see most.

Check out some more of Opti’s great features in the Theme Showcase, or activate it immediately by going to Appearance -> Themes.


Next up is Hatch, a responsive portfolio theme for visual artists, illustrators, and photographers. Bold featured images make your art stand out. A prominent welcome message alongside the custom header allows you to introduce yourself and your work, and you can even add your logo to the header.

You’ll “hatch” some of your best ideas with this sleek…

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New Themes: Photographer, Superhero, and Sidekick

i,m not expert photographer can i use this theme for my daily photo?

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We’re bringing you some action-packed fun on this Threeme Day!

photogapher-featured-image Photographer’s home page template

First up, we’re bringing you a gorgeous new premium theme from our friends at Organic ThemesPhotographer features a beautifully minimal design with a focus on photography. It’s a professional portfolio and photo blogging solution for serious photographers and artists. The theme features the ability to create endless slideshows and portfolios, and is sure to satisfy the website needs of all shutterbugs.

Photographer is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

superhero-feat Superhero with Featured Content slider

Our next theme today is Superhero, designed by yours truly. Superhero is a clean and minimal blog theme with bright pops of color and some great hidden power. If you take off its glasses, Superhero…

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New Themes: Watson, Simfo, and Publish

i,m amaze with all theme 1st has to share until choose which theme is sweet for me .

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Brace yourselves, new themes are coming. Today I’m pleased to announce the latest three additions to the ever-growing collection of themes here at WordPress.com.

First up is Watson, by The Theme Foundry.

Watson: Home Page

Inspired by the clean lines and bold strokes of a classic newspaper, Watson boasts a neatly organized front page layout and a pleasurable reading experience that was designed with writers in mind. It offers a beautiful featured slider for important posts, looks great on devices both big and small, and comes with a lovely custom widget that takes advantage of featured post thumbnails.

Watson is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance ? Themes.

Our second treat for you today is Simfo, a theme that has a minimal, yet strong, aesthetic that’s…

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Upload and Edit Media Seamlessly on WordPress.com

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The WordPress.com Blog

Uploading and editing media just got a whole lot better on WordPress.com. Check out our new Media Manager, designed to make it easier to upload images, audio, and video files to your site and edit their attributes on the fly. Let’s walk through how to add images to a new post on WordPress.com.

Within a new post, click on the Add Media button:

The Media Manager allows you to collect images to add to your post-in-progress. You can select a file you may have already uploaded to your Media Library, designate a URL from which to embed an image, drag and drop files into the browser window, or select files to upload from your computer:


Editing image attributes

Once you’ve uploaded the images, you can edit each image’s attributes from within the Media Manager, simply by selecting it. You can edit an image’s title, enter a caption and alt…

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Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro

learning how to from expert.

The WordPress.com Blog

Your blogs are designed to display a staggering number of media formats that you can embed directly into your posts. Nothing helps creativity more, though, than seeing how others are already using some of the great features available here on WordPress.com.

Today, let’s take a look at three bloggers who are harnessing the power of media embeds to add an extra layer to their content.

Patrick Galey

Thousands of bloggers enjoy using free Getty Images embeds, which we announced earlier this month. With an unparalleled collection of footage available for free, it’s easy to see why.

Writers interested in current events have been especially quick to explore Getty’s offerings. Journalist Patrick Galey, who covers the Middle East, has been an avid embedder. The images add yet another dimension to his in-depth reporting. For example, his recent post on the Muslim Brotherhood benefitted from this movement-filled picture of protesters in Egypt:

You can search for embeddable images…

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Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images

amazing content

The WordPress.com Blog

Earlier today, Getty Images announced a new embed feature that will allow people to access and share photos from its extensive library of images for non-commercial purposes. We have been working with Getty Images over the past few weeks and are excited to bring this feature to WordPress.com!

Embedding images at the speed of a shutter

Imagery is a powerful way to communicate your ideas. Whether you want to profile a famous personality or share your passion for soccer, you can now do so with Getty Images’ photography. With this new embed feature, WordPress.com users can access one of the world’s largest digital archives in a simple and — just as important — legal way.

To embed an image, you can grab the embed code directly from the Getty Images website. Just hover over the image, and click on the embed icon “</>”:

Getty Embed SS

Next, copy the embed code into…

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