The WordPress for Android App Gets a Big Facelift

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Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: big UI update for the best Android blogging app

We’re constantly working on updates to our mobile apps to make your experience on the go the best it can be. Today, we’ve jubilantly released version 2.3 of WordPress for Android to Google Play. After updating, you’ll see right away that this release includes very exciting updates to the user interface. Let’s dive in to what’s new!

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: the new, blue action barAction Bar

You’ll notice a fresh, new look. We’ve taken into account Android’s “Holo” style guidelines and implemented the Action Bar interface throughout the app. If you’ve used any other apps designed for Android 4.0 or higher, you’ll feel right at home with the new design. Your Action Bar provides easy access to common actions such as creating a new post, refreshing, and sharing to other apps.

We also couldn’t resist making the Action Bar in WordPress blue. 😉

Menu Drawer

Version 2.3 of WordPress for Android: menu drawer on Google Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy S3

The older-style dashboard interface has been replaced with a Menu…

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One Central Hub for All Your Content

picture on this post is greet what screen share i can use do the same

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Last week, we announced a few updates to the interface, including faster stats and enhanced site management on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our push to make all sites faster and easier to access and manage continues. This week, we’re thrilled to unveil a few brand-new features that allow bloggers, publishers, and business owners to run their sites and manage their content from one central hub, no matter what device they’re using.

From new blog post and page management tools to Jetpack site integrations, we hope you enjoy the latest additions as much as we do!

Centralized post management

You can now access all your posts from one convenient location, whether you write one personal blog or publish on multiple sites. Quickly sort through published, scheduled, drafted, or even trashed posts for one or all of your sites at once!


A visual preview of each blog post lets…

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Exploring Your Dashboard: Four of Our Favorite Tools

i cant find plugin in my dashboard any idea welcome to assist me thank you

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A few months ago, we launched a spandy-new post editor, updates to the Reader, and a desktop app. They’re all designed to make publishing and managing your sites easier, from more effective auto-saving to quicker creation of image galleries.

Have you discovered everything the new and improved can do? Here are four of our favorite tricks.

Preview your site on any device, right from your editor

As more people access our blogs from phones and tablets, it’s increasingly important to make sure yours looks good no matter how large (or small!) the screen. You can buy a dozen devices to test how your site looks, bug your friends to check your blog on their phones — or preview your site on different screen sizes from right in the post or page editor.

When you click “Preview” in the editor, you’ll see a few icons across the…

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A Decade of Becoming – Saying Goodbye to My Thirties

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This is the last day of my thirties, a decade I’ve spent BECOMING.

thirties - 1

With only two years of marriage under my belt I was still becoming a wife at thirty. At thirty one I said goodbye to people who are parts of my identity and became an immigrant. I’ve spent the following years adapting and learning what becoming a North American would look like for me. At thirty three I became a mother. At thirty five I got stuck in limbo trying to become a mother once again. I became a fertility clinic returning patient and a miscarriage statistic instead. I learned that sometimes the fears that plague my mind, but are so well contained in there, will leak out and infiltrate reality. I learned that while I can control those well-contained fears, I can’t control reality. At thirty six I released my breath when I became a mother for…

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